"Maker Crush" interview by 7 Ton Co.


7 Ton Design and Letterpress Co. has interviewed me as part of their "Maker Crush" blog series. Here is an example of the many nice things they had to say:

"Mastering a skill takes persistence, dedication, and loyalty - It's a game of endurance and constant learning. Mastering many skills is not something most of us even imagine as a possibility. So, when we met Wheeler Munroe, who has proven to be a master of many trades, we were in awe. She is a diamond in the rough and we can't sing her praises loud enough."

I had a lot to say as well about my ideas, trials and path as a maker. To check out the rest, follow the link below.    

Also, 7 Ton made this gorgeous new maple syrup label which will be going out into the world with our upcoming, 2016 maple harvest.