Michael & Wheeler

Michael & Wheeler



has a background in fine art and fine woodworking, upholstery, gardening, and farming maple syrup.

Wheeler designed the first tool belt for herself while working in a wood shop, in response to the problem of constantly setting down, and then looking for,  basic tools- pencil, square, measuring tape. The Basic and XL tool belts evolved from that original design.

The first garden belt design was an answer to the holes poked through the back pockets of all her blue jeans from carrying pruners and scissors out into her gardens of dahlias, vegetables, and fruit trees.


Born and raised in Oklahoma, Michael is a talented artist/ craftsperson who focuses primarily on leather working, woodworking and fine furniture. Since 2014, Michael has partnered up with Wheeler to develop Wheeler Munroe Leather Co. Although he is sometimes 'behind the scenes,' he can be found doing just about everything but the sewing.



Located in the high mountains of Ashe County, NC, Waterfall farm is the home of Wheeler Munroe Leather Co., as well as North Carolina's largest producer of maple syrup. Michael and Wheeler balance time in the leather shop with time spent tumbling around in the woods, wrangling the parts and pieces that make a sugar farm go.

Every item is an original design, made in house, by hand.

Each pattern is carefully designed with particular attention to utility and beauty, and with consideration to the essential tools of our daily lives and our relationship to them through their use.